About Sidelines Podcast

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The “Sidelines” Podcast brings a fresh perspective to India’s sports ecosystem. We bring candid, thought-provoking conversations with deeply passionate & invested people in the Indian sports ecosystem (from players at the frontline, to businesses that support the ecosystem, and the state / government that provides the platforms).

It all started with a simple question – “Why can’t India be the best in World Olympics?“. We dug in the data, busted some common answers to that question, and spoke to a a few athletes to understood their perspectives. Our realization? – this is a complex question that cannot be answered by shallow questioning, personal opinions or random thoughts. It requires asking the right questions to the right people, gathering different perspectives, digging deeper, finding common ground; and then hopefully be able to generate actionable insights. Thats when Sidelines Podcast was born – to be candid, thought-provoking and insightful.

Our ultimate vision is to see sports become a first-class citizen in India – not just a supplementary activity. Towards that, we are on a mission to help India rise to the pole position in world Olympics. And with the Sidelines Podcast, we have taken a baby step in that direction – not knowing the outcome, but knowing that the journey will be adventurous !!

Interested in helping out?

Our vision is a moonshot (in Google terminology). By any measure, it is not easy to transform India a sports-first nation. Historically, our society’s challenges have been of survival. Only in the past decade or so, we have witnessed sports being valued as a profession and the general societal interest towards sports & well-being. We still have miles to go.

If the idea of transforming Sports as a first-class citizen in India excites you, then please reach out directly to sanjay@ this domain.

Behind The Scenes

Currently, Sidelines Podcast is hosted by Sanjay Bisht, with help from sports enthusiasts with a shared vision. Sanjay is a Googler for work & food. You can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Sanjay represented his School football team in the Santosh trophy, and later captained his University Football Team (2003-2007) as well as represented his University Athletics team (2003-2007) at various collegiate events. He also setup the IE Ultimate Frisbee team (2015) during his MBA days and led the team to Gold at the MBAT@HEC (aka MBA Olympics) in the inception year.